A really bad drawing

I often doodle on the dry erase boards when I talk with someone about a project and how it might work. I haven’t shared a drawing of mine in awhile. These two are bad… but I’m an open book 🙂 I was reviewing with the Keepers, especially the newer ones, how wolf catching was going to go. (Click here to see a different way I wrote about this)    Read more

More drawings from Sherry

Blog readers know that I am artistically challenged. (click here, or here to see some other wonderful drawings of mine). This drawing  (it’s a glove, or a hand) went up on the board a few months ago. I asked Volunteer Dan to go through our work glove box. I wanted him to make pairs, as well as get rid of any gloves that he deemed unusable. (too holey, too stiff, too…) Kent and Elaina thought the number of gloves thatRead more


As you know, I cannot draw. Last week’s Museum’s bi-weekly operations meeting was longer than usual. This is a meeting of staff across all the different departments at the Museum to discuss issues or events that might affect Museum operations. I started to doodle. This is what my doodle looked like:   I was sitting next to Wendy. This is what her doodle looked like:   Here’s the photo of the folks she was doodling (Sorry Darcy, you missed theRead more

What was happening there?

I recently posted a drawing and asked you to tell me what was happening here. Many of you commented, but no one was exactly right. The above drawing was indeed of a bear- Gus to be specific. The round dot on his back was his puff of matted hair. I did not think the puff was drawn accurately (unlike the rest of the drawing) so I added the “dart”, “spike-like” projection out of the back.  There is no way IRead more