Eggs. Lots and Lots of Eggs to Share

Our Chickens make more eggs than we can use, so we donated them to our friends at the Duke Lemur Center and Carolina Tiger Rescue. So far this summer we’ve shared 154 eggs. Check out the video of an Aye Aye with one of the eggs we sent over to the Duke Lemur Center. (Click here to learn more about aye ayes).  Read more

One week later: Cassandra the ring-tailed lemur

It’s Wednesday morning and I am heading out to the Red Wolf  SSP meeting (I’ll write about this next week, but click here to learn about last year’s  RWSSP masterplan meeting). Literally,  just one week ago, the keepers found Cassandra, our 16 year old ring-tailed lemur, in respiratory distress. Dr. Vanderford responded quickly and we decided to quickly head to the Duke Lemur Center. Things were so bad I didn’t even think of taking any photos. As always, the folksRead more

Durham Yard Sale

 YARD SALE! supporting the NC Piedmont AAZK SATURDAY JULY 18th 7:00am-11:00 at the Picnic Dome across from the Museum of Life and Science A few of the keepers here at the museum have joined together with some of the keepers (or techs, as they’re called) at the Duke Lemur Center, to form a local chapter of the American Association of Zookeepers (AAZK). The AAZK is a non-profit, volunteer organization of professional zookeepers and other persons dedicated to professional animal careRead more