Email excerpts

I am not going to talk about drains just yet (you must be sooooooo disappointed). I am going to share with you some excerpts (I guess not much better than drains, sorry)  from emails I received this week. I found them amusing so I thought I would share with you. I mentioned I was preparing a severe weather training. Staff have the option of participating in a quiz. Here is someone’s response to the question “what else would you likeRead more

Recent interesting emails

I received two emails on Tuesday/Wednesday that I thought I would share with you. One was from a coworker who forwarded a link to the National Zoo’s report on what the animals there did during the earthquake:   Keeper Jill happened to be at our wolf exhibit during the earthquake and while she did not feel anything she reported that the wolves stood up and started running around. The other email was from a fellow red wolf cooperatorRead more