QuikPost: lemur structure is expanding!

The lemur structure has been in limbo for a while since the first part was built. But this week the guys have come back to expand on it.  I don’t think any of the keepers really know what the finished product of this structure is supposed to look like, but it’s interesting watching the stages of construction, anyway!Read more

A wet and wild slip n’ slide

You may have noticed that it rained a lot last week. I think it actually rained every day, as I worked outside in it quite a bit. I don’t know about you, but when it rains that much, I try and think of all the good things that will come from it, instead of just focusing on the fact that I can’t seem to dry out. And while it’s good to think of these benefits to the rain, sometimes thereRead more

Tick Magnet

There are many joys to being an animal keeper, but as with any job it also has its downfalls. Pesky little bugs and bloodsuckers would be one of those downfalls. When working outside in the summer, we obviously deal with an onslaught of these critters. We become fantastic meals for  mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers while we are diligently doing our jobs and not paying attention to what might be joining us as we work. I am known to have aRead more

QuikPost: A new farmyard addition

Christopher the barred owl has finally been moved to his new farmyard exhibit! He’s been behind the scenes while his new home was being built next to Max the steer and Chummix the goat. The enclosure turned out really nicely, and you can see on the far left where Christopher has a sheltered area to go along with all of the open sunny space, as well. Go say hello to Christopher on your next visit through the farmyard.Read more

A new look

Well, I know it’s been a while since I have done a blog post. But, I am finally back from my long hiatus, and wanted to update you on the improvements we have made to our farmyard. One of the last posts I did was about remodeling our education holding room, but we were also improving the outside areas at the same time. Although it’s not completed yet, all of the farmyard barns are being re-painted (in the same colorRead more

A breath of fresh air

If you have been reading the blog for a while, you may remember back in March of last year when we constructed an outdoor playpen for our indoor animals to exercise in. More recently, you may remember a post about us receiving two new baby opossums. Well, the opossums (named Sonny and Cher) have grown fast and today was their first time getting to use the outdoor playpen! Now that the weather is nice, we like to give our indoorRead more