A Rough Patch :(

It’s been four days and we’ve lost two animals and a keeper (Kristen is not dead, just gone). We had been concerned about our muskrat and last Friday – he was just not behaving right. By Sunday morning it was time to euthanize him. Cher opossum was under treatment for a UTI. She was getting better but yesterday things seemed worse again. After conferring with Dr. Vanderford we extended Cher’s treatment and had a plan to take her in for x-rays if sheRead more

Big Word of the Month: Euthanasia

The big word of the month is a hard one to talk about. Euthanasia comes from Greek and means “good death”. I doubt any two people can agree on what exactly a good death is, yet it is a discussion we have to have in the Animal Department from time to time. When an animal is ill and our veterinarians have run out of treatment strategies we have to consider quality of life issues. Deciding when an animal is sufferingRead more

Rest in Peace Pig

Last night Pig was not improved and still not standing. Calls and emails were made to veterinarians, keepers, staff, and volunteers letting them know. Dr. Mozzachio came early this morning and euthanized Pig. Days like this are hard, and hardest on the keepers, so send them your best wishes.Read more