Filou gets his physical.

Dr. Vanderford  was nothing but smiles checking Filou out for his physical.   While his physical went great- the only issue being the need to take off some weight- he has aged quite a bit since then. Opossum’s tend to only live 2-3 years, and Filou is slowing down and showing some issues in the past month or more.  Read more

Filou Opossum predicts the winner of Super Bowl XLIX

In past years we have had Henry the Woodchuck and Galileo Opossum pick some winners of the Super Bowl. Sometimes they get them right and of course some of the time they get them wrong. This year, we have Filou Opossum.This year its the New England Patriots against the Seattle Seahawks. I am positive there are a lot of people who are pleased with his decision. Here is the action footageRead more

Christmas 2014

Prep started yesterday: find the head lamp make sure camera is working review all logbook tasks and talk to the Keepers about any questions make sure tasty food is on my desk set alarm for 5 AM I arrived on grounds around 5:15. As usual, I gathered up logbooks. Also as usual, Katy has set up treatments for me (thanks Katy). I flounder a bit getting started, but no real issues. I remembered that Blue Jay SCREAMS at the sightRead more