Many More Gifts

The gifts keep coming- and not just from our wish-list. My neighbor has left a few items for the animals recently. The sweet potatoes will be enjoyed by the animals. Thanks Donna. Our volunteers Cassie and Cathy brought in fabric to make animal beds, and Lyndi brought us in a new kitchen scale for weighing food. Thank you all– the hard work volunteering with us is more than enough (but gifts are great too!) And wishlist items, large and small,Read more

Thanks Debbie!

Former CFO Debbie and current volunteer Debbie sent us a bunch of goodies from our Amazon Wish-list. In May we received gifts weekly (thank you to all our gift givers). Debbie sent a wide variety of items. THANK YOU DEBBIE!!!! Our wish list is one way to support the critters (and, as you can see, a few cookies for the humans). If you are so inclined to send gifts, consider boxes of unsalted nuts in the shell (we order 25Read more