There have been many instances where the keepers go through difficult times. Unfortunately, we experienced the loss of our education bearded dragon, Godzilla. Godzilla was with us for a long time. When he first came, I would tend to have him resting on me when I sat in the office where he chilled and just looked around. We noticed Godzilla not acting his usual self and his appetite declined. He was taken off program usage and allowed to get restRead more

Nap time

Godzilla, one of our bearded dragons, is famous for napping in random positions. Check out this previous post about his strange napping habits. This particular sleeping position was excitedly pointed out to me by one of our latest interns Jamie. Check him out:        Read more


I just had to share these silly pictures of the Red Ruffed Lemurs SLEEPING hard!     Moments like these are what makes this job so amazing- animals never cease to amaze you! Check out Godzilla our bearded dragon sleeping- PictureRead more

Worm on a string

Were I a bearded dragon, my chin would not be turning black with anger/ excitement but instead, red with embarrassment. You see, a couple of weeks ago, we determined that we needed to be extra vigilant about making sure Godzilla was getting enough exercise.  We have been a little worried about his back legs and keeping them in good, active shape. He is an animal that by nature tends to sit and bask a lot, and by upbringing sits aroundRead more

QuikPost: X-rays

Recently, some of our animals went to the vet for radiographs, or x-rays.  Godzilla, our Bearded Dragon, has been having issues with his back legs, and one of our corn snakes is have some fusing issues of her spine. I’ve attached links at the end to previous posts where you can see x-rays of other animals. Do you remember x-rays or scans we’ve shared of other animals? Yona’s rads. Yona’s CT scan. Cassandra’s x-rays.Read more

Video View: Godzilla Eating!

Our Godzilla is not a B-rated moviestar monster, no, he’s a superstar in our off-exhibit reptile room. Today was “Herp Feed” day (when we feed the turtles, lizards, salamanders, gecko, and alligators). Yum!! Here’s Godzilla, our bearded dragon, chowing down his crickets (which were lovingly de-legged for him by Keeper Kimberly). I was merely the bearer and server of the bounty.Read more