Why Purple Poop?

We have shown you pictures of fun colored poop before courtesy of our bears. The other day I found an oddly colored poop–any ideas what food made the bears poop purple!?   I think it is sort of pretty in a gross way–Keeper Jill does not agree! 😛Read more

Intern Update and Goodbye

As the Spring Semester winds down, we say goodbye to Interns Carrie, Jana, and Mae. Since January, they have contributed over 900 hours of work to the Museum as they learned what it was like to be an Animal Keeper at the Museum. They will be missed. We wish them well as they move on to their next internship placements this summer.    Read more

Grape Bonding

  Last week grapes were on sale,  it’s summer, very hot, and Aaron has a credit card.   Aaron bought well over 100 pounds of grapes. We freeze them and use them as frozen treats for the animals. This batch should last us over 3 months. It takes quite a bit of time to pull grapes off them stems. I only slightly jest that I have never seen the keepers work so well together!  What a bonus. I wonder howRead more