Keepers building enrichment!

When we aren’t busy shoveling stalls, scooping poop or making diets we occasionally get time to work on a special project or make new enrichment items. Last month, Janine, Katie and I got to build a hammock bed for our bears. It involved some wood as the frame, fire hose and lots of washers and screws.  At Janine’s past job she made plenty of these types of beds so she was showing Katie and I the ropes. Not only isRead more

Tucked in tight!

The other day I was cleaning EHR (our education animal holding room) and the first animal I came across was Jessica Opposum.  She had a sleepover in the playpen the night before and I just had to show everyone where she chose to sleep… in a ferret hammock, now there is a significant difference in the size of ferrets vs opposums.  Enjoy the photos below.  Read more

Buildin’ Stuff

If it looks like it’s going to be a fairly normal week (which rarely happens, mind you), then there’s usually time for some unplanned project time. A “fairly normal” week would include: normal staffing (no one out sick, out on vacation, or otherwise unable to perform as usual), no holidays, no hurricanes/tornadoes/snowstorms/torrential downpours, no huge planned projects or deliveries or special cleans requiring a lot of the keepers, no special events at the Museum (such as Birdapalooza or Wild AboutRead more