It’s Really Hot

I mentioned I wanted to be with Mimi under the waterfall a couple weeks ago. Well, not really with her, but sitting alone under a waterfall, especially now, sounds perfect. With all the heat, the team has to do whatever we can to help the animals stay cooler. That meant buckets upon buckets of ice got passed out yesterday (and will likely again today). Check out the quick videos the team got of two of our favorite bears spending someRead more

Yona on Ice!

With the cold weather in the past month the pool in the bear exhibit froze over. It was so frozen that the middle pool could actually hold the weight of the bears! Typically, the bears tend to avoid the snow and ice but on this particular day I guess Yona was feeling playful! I was able to capture this video of her playing on the ice!  Read more

Crazy Weather

So far, Spring has provided us with some very crazy weather.  One day it is 70 degrees with a nice breeze then a cold and rainy day the next.  Mid-march brought us some icy conditions  then recently we had a hail storm pass through. We make sure that we are constantly looking at the weather so that we can make sure to prepare the animal areas for whatever weather that is coming our way.  Which includes keeping heat lamps upRead more

It’s HOT out there.

We all know it’s been a hot summer. We talk about it every morning before we start our day. Animals, just like people can succumb to heat related issues. However, we never want it to get that far with the Museum’s animals. We prepare every year for the temperatures to rise and how to best take care of ourselves and our animals.    We make sure that there is plenty of shade and water for our bears, wolves, and lemursRead more