Poetry and Identification

Sarah, our resident poet, was asked to take photos of our painted turtles for  identification purposes. Below is what showed up on my desk. can you identify the turtles based on the poem and the photos? (The name of each turtle is underlined). Oscar is oval. He’s first on the left. He’s the biggest we have And makes quite a mess. Exhibit is round, She’s shaped like a dot. She matches her tank mate Who’s covered in spots. Shelly isRead more

Copperhead on grounds

One of our adult volunteers came across this dead baby copperhead snake (left) while walking our donkey Lightning last Thursday, and brought it to us so that we could use it for educational purposes. I thought it would be a great chance to compare a North Carolina copperhead to a Texas copperhead (right), which is what we have on exhibit here. The North Carolina copperhead has an hourglass pattern on its back, whereas the Texas copperhead has large bands asRead more