A new look

Well, I know it’s been a while since I have done a blog post. But, I am finally back from my long hiatus, and wanted to update you on the improvements we have made to our farmyard. One of the last posts I did was about remodeling our education holding room, but we were also improving the outside areas at the same time. Although it’s not completed yet, all of the farmyard barns are being re-painted (in the same colorRead more

Always changing

There are a lot of improvements taking place in the animal department right now, and the renovation of our education holding room is one of them. I have never seen such a sparkly room in my life… I mean, that floor looks like an ice skating rink! For the last two weeks, the animals that normally live in the room (such as our ferrets, silky chicken, opossum and salamanders) have been staying in our exam room down the hall soRead more