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Another wonderful invertebrate post from Rachael, the Museum’s entomology specialist, below.  Remember her last post on Scorplings!? (It’s a must read!) Enjoy. In Life’s Devices, inside a large glass container, there are a series of domes and pipes.  Within that structure lives a huge colony of Atta cephalotes, which over the course of the last seven years has grown to 20,000 members.  Long before the advent of agriculture, the leaf-cutter ants were feeding on fungus they grew in their own gardens,Read more


We did have births at the Museum in April, although not wolf pups. Rachael Knight, the Museum’s entomology specialist, spends her time in the Insectarium. Read her report below about the birth of some Pandinus Imperator scorpions.  Please let us know in the comment section if you’d like Rachael to share more stories from the world of invertebrates! As far as we know there were three of them [scorplings].  When we (Butterfly House staff) noticed the little white chubby nymphsRead more