Volunteer Groups.

Thanksgiving is coming so it’s important to remember and send out our gratitude to our volunteers. We’ve got lots of people who help us get our work done- we couldn’t get our work done without volunteers. We’ve got regular animal department volunteers, like Annie and Donald. We’ve got interns, like Jill and Katie (who are still helping out), or Jessica and Jamie. We’ve also have groups that come. For the most part they are here 2-4 hours. We set upRead more

Nap time

Godzilla, one of our bearded dragons, is famous for napping in random positions. Check out this previous post about his strange napping habits. This particular sleeping position was excitedly pointed out to me by one of our latest interns Jamie. Check him out:        Read more

A Goodbye Present!

Interns Jamie and Jessica finished their work with us last week and gave us a goodbye present.   We were happy and impressed with our present: We’ll miss Jamie and Jessica and wish them well at their summer internship sites (Jessica is heading to the Western NC Nature Center in Asheville and Jamie is heading to the Knoxville Zoo).Read more

Zookeeper or Hair Stylist?

Our current interns have been mentioned a few times. One of my favorite things about having interns is when they have been here awhile and really relax and let you see who they really are. (actually I think these two were relaxed from day 1) I walked into the office the other day and witnessed this… Wait for it…Read more

Intern Update

  Our interns, Jamie and Jessica, have less than 4 weeks left in their semester with us. I can’t believe their time is ending. They’ve finished their training with our education animals and can now work in the rooms on their own. They’ve been doing great and we’re happy to have them here.Read more

Intern Enrichment Project

Our Interns, Jessica and Jamie, have started their enrichment project. They are interning with us Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays they take classes. for one of their classes they have to do an enrichment project for an animal. They decided to work with Henry, our woodchuck, to see if they could get him more active. We’ll report back (if you want) later in the semester to see what they learned, but in the meantime, here areRead more