Christmas 2015

You know the deal. Advance prep for the day: Review all the log books and check in with Keepers about any specific things to note. CHECK Christmas present for Security Guard. CHECK Headlamp and tasty food for me on desk and ready. CHECK New batteries in Camera. CHECK   All’s ready for the day.   5:00 AM arrival with the only issue being I startled the security guard. I arrive set to have no escapes, even though Sarah commented itRead more

Christmas 2014

Prep started yesterday: find the head lamp make sure camera is working review all logbook tasks and talk to the Keepers about any questions make sure tasty food is on my desk set alarm for 5 AM I arrived on grounds around 5:15. As usual, I gathered up logbooks. Also as usual, Katy has set up treatments for me (thanks Katy). I flounder a bit getting started, but no real issues. I remembered that Blue Jay SCREAMS at the sightRead more

Christmas 2011

A fairly uneventful Christmas 2011 is over. I am delayed in getting this post up as the Blog was apparently down. The day went like so: I arrived at 5:15 AM.  Saturday, I asked Marilyn to “set me up well” for the day, and she did just that, along with the added instruction list. I did not know that Ladybelle Ferret “liked” warm water in her carnivore care food so that was particularly helpful to know. I checked on theRead more

Hungry Anyone?

  The above pictures are prepared food for the animals inside the main museum building, which include the animals you see in Carolina Wildlife as well as the animals in the Education Holding Room (click here to see all of their pictures) and a few of the reptiles from the Reptile Holding Room. The other reptiles eat twice a week on Monday and Thursday. Join us every Thursday afternoon at 4pm for a reptile program in Carolina Wildlife- we feedRead more

See You Later, Alligator

The Museum has four alligators. Three are on exhibit in Carolina Wildlife and one is kept off-exhibit for education programs. When the alligators get too big to handle for education (or for their exhibit), we take them back to Alligator Adventure in SC to exchange for younger (& smaller!) alligators. The ones we bring back are usually yearlings (but if we can get a hatchling, we try for that too!) Here’s a photo essay of our trip on Aug 31Read more