QuikPost: Stripes

You’re probably thinking about animals with stripes. Not me. I’m thinking sweaters, with stripes. I was at our biweekly operations planning meeting and noticed a theme going on. Kelly, Betsy, Debbie, and Madelyne seemed to have planned their outfits to be matchy-matchy. I’ve posted about this planning meeting before- check it out.  Read more

Cross Training

We’ve had a lot of help from staff. I like to offer up “Cross training” opportunities for Museum staff. It sounds much nicer than HELP-WE NEED HELP. The landscape team helped us out right before Thanksgiving. Last week we had the Exhibit’s Development Staff hanging some posters on our hall and the Rentals Team scooping poop in the bear yard. Thanks to all of them for making our life a little easier in the animal department.        Read more