Hug Kent Day 2014

September 28th is Hug Kent Day. Some photos below of how things went this year. (It’s also Debbie May’s Birthday). Since Kent was not at work this year for his annual celebration, I allowed the hugging to begin early. I hope he has recovered.    Read more

More drawings from Sherry

Blog readers know that I am artistically challenged. (click here, or here to see some other wonderful drawings of mine). This drawing  (it’s a glove, or a hand) went up on the board a few months ago. I asked Volunteer Dan to go through our work glove box. I wanted him to make pairs, as well as get rid of any gloves that he deemed unusable. (too holey, too stiff, too…) Kent and Elaina thought the number of gloves thatRead more

Donation for Max

Last month, a 2-year-old Museum member who is a huge fan of Max donated some items and money to take care of our big bovine. She and her family thought it would be great to celebrate her birthday by spreading some love to Max. A big thanks from the animal department for the recent donations. A couple of cute Max photos to share with you all below.     Max used to be little   But not anymore!Read more

Keeper Antics

Since Keeper Jessi and I work the same schedule it means that someone has to cover ETW when we are on our weekend. Most recently, this person is Keeper Kent.  In the bear house, we have large troughs which hold the bear’s water. You can only fill these troughs up so high or else they will be WAY to heavy to empty. On several occasions, Kent has filled these troughs up to the very top. So I have to assumeRead more

Animal Department Boys

A quick shout-out to our two father’s in the animal department today. The two of them, especially together, provide quite a bit of entertainment. Some photos of Kent and Aaron are below.   We’re skewed female in the department: Seven human females to two human males.  In “zoo lingo”  animal department staff sexes would be written as  2.7 (actually, to be technical, it would be 2.7.0. the first number is males, then next is females, and the last is unknown). Our volunteer team is skewedRead more