Barred Owl Box

We recently added a box to our barred owl exhibit. The exhibits department did a wonderful job making it and with Keeper Janine’s help of drawing the specs. It turned out exactly how we wanted it. It was installed yesterday and today I was checking on all the animals in the afternoon. When I checked on the barred owls, Kerby was perching on it! It took only one day for them to start using it. As you can see itRead more

A Look Back … Part 1

Let’s take a look back at some of the goings on in the Animal Department. Some of these critters have moved on to further their careers and education, some of them have retired, some of them have passed away and some of them are still with us in the Animal Department, just older and wiser now! I have 10 years worth of memories and pictures of all the happenings in the Department… here are a few of my favorites! KeepRead more