Interns Learn A Lesson

Being an Animal Keeper requires you to carry certain items with you throughout the day. One of these is a large key ring full of keys. Every once in awhile you will stumble upon a set of keys that have lost their owner. When this happens usually the Keeper who found the keys will relocate them to make it even more difficult for the owner of the keys to find them. This is exactly what happened when a certain KeeperRead more

How many keys do you carry?

Most people have a couple keys on their key chain: a house key, a car key or two, maybe one or two others. The animal keepers, however, carry about 17 keys, and I carry 23 keys. Let me list them for you:Carolina Wildlife exhibits, education animal rooms, bunny barn, outdoor animal exhibit padlocks, bear padlock, Museum gates, snake cage, venomous snake cage, drug cabinet, drug box, needle cabinet, “gator” vehicle, “mule” vehicle, alligator cage, Science Resource Center, “Master key”, boatRead more