Not the best of weekends

We knew the muskrat was old, and had some issue with his mouth that was going to be looked at today, but on Friday his mouth was looking bigger and so by Saturday morning we decided to sedate him and check things out. The growth on his face grew very quickly and was not removable. We were (are) suspicious of cancer, and as we were deciding whether or not we should wake him up from the procedure he started toRead more

Creature Feature: The Killdeer

This is the first Killdeer I have had the pleasure to work with. Killdeers are a type of shorebird that you can see usually running around in shorts bursts, stopping, peeking around and bolting off again. You’ll see them in freshly cut fields,golf courses etc…, occasionally you will see them at the shore.They have really skinny¬† long legs and can be heard shouting KILLDEER. I personally have not heard anything like that except for a few screams once in aRead more

New Songbirds

We’ve got some new birds that will be heading to the Aviary in Carolina Wildlife soon. All the birds were found injured in Tennessee and could not be released to the wild with their injuries. They arrived at the Museum in January and have been behind the scenes in quarantine. None of them can fly, so look low in the Aviary in the next few weeks to see our new residents.    Read more