Groundbreaking for Red Wolf Center!

  Kim Wheeler, the Executive Director of the Red Wolf Coalition, sent me some photos of groundbreaking for the new wolf exhibit out in red wolf country. This will be the only facility located in the heart of red wolf country- where red wolves roam free – where people can actually see a red wolf. The enclosure will be finished sometime this summer, and I’ll keep you informed as to when wolves will arrive for viewing. It’s exciting!!    Read more

Spotlight: Kim Wheeler

This is Kim Wheeler on the left. (She’s with Diane Hendry, the Outreach Coordinator for the Red wolf Recovery Program- I’ll spotlight her a different month though). The photo of the wolves is one of the most famous red wolf photos ever taken and it is of red wolves born right here at the Museum of Life and Science! Kim would rather not be the center of attention, but if that’s what it takes to help out red wolves she’llRead more