You look awfully familiar, have I seen you here before?

Resident web geek Beck, here, welcoming you to our new home. Let me show you around. To your left, you’ll see some gray icons. They relate to the ones in the navigation bar above, which are based on the new way we’re categorizing posts on the blog. If you hover over the icon for a couple seconds, you’ll see a tooltip that tells you what category the icon represents. If you click on it, you’ll see other posts in thatRead more


So we’ve been at this blogging thing since October of 2007, and we decided that it’s time for a change in the way we look. Just think of it as reader enrichment. Our new look will have a picture bar across the top just like the excellent blog of Ranger Greg Dodge. So go check out the bar and read up on his posts while you’re there. What we are trying to decide is what our categories should be. We’veRead more