Last Week in June

I was so happy this morning to welcome back former volunteer and former temporary Animal Keeper Nicole. Nicole’s arrival and help brought smiles and cheers from the rest of the team this morning! The other thing I was sooooooo happy about this morning is Virginia’s improvement. Last week she tore part of the skin off her foot. Given the issues she has already walking it was a hard few days for her. We’ve had her locked in the house soRead more

Carolina Wildlife work continues… thanks Michele

We’re plugging away at the repairs in Carolina Wildlife.¬† The Keepers are working hard moving and managing animals everyday. It’s a lot to manage! Michele, the Exhibit Project Lead on this, literally jumped in and was seen everywhere this past week. Painting begins next week, with more exhibit repair. The first batch of fish arrived today. They are very little, and more will come soon, but you’ll be able to see fish again when Carolina Wildlife reopens!Read more

Cross Training

We’ve had a lot of help from staff. I like to offer up “Cross training” opportunities for Museum staff. It sounds much nicer than HELP-WE NEED HELP. The landscape team helped us out right before Thanksgiving. Last¬†week we had the Exhibit’s Development Staff hanging some posters on our hall and the Rentals Team scooping poop in the bear yard. Thanks to all of them for making our life a little easier in the animal department.        Read more