A Look Back … Part 1

Let’s take a look back at some of the goings on in the Animal Department. Some of these critters have moved on to further their careers and education, some of them have retired, some of them have passed away and some of them are still with us in the Animal Department, just older and wiser now! I have 10 years worth of memories and pictures of all the happenings in the Department… here are a few of my favorites! KeepRead more

Farewell Mikey

Blog readers all over the world are in mourning because Mikey will be leaving the Museum. Maybe with enough comments we can convince him to stay on board as a guest blogger. ūüôā Mikey is heading to Greensboro to more intensely pursue his Master’s degree. He’s been taking one class each semester, which would put him on track for completion somewhere around 2020- a bit longer than desired.¬† We’ll miss his sense of humor, his big smile, his passion forRead more

Don’t forget your permit!

Okay all you amateur cryptozoologists out there!¬† Newsflash time!¬† (In case you’re wondering, cryptozoology is the study of unknown animals.¬† Check out this link for an earlier post on it!)¬† But it seems that now you are required to have a permit to¬†search for Bigfoot.¬† Recently a man in Arkansas was leading a tour of Sasquatch¬†enthusiasts in a national park and was cited by rangers and given a fine of over $500 for hunting for Bigfoot without the proper permit.¬†Read more

So, what’s wrong?

Hi everybody!¬† Hope you guys are doing well, I am all kinds of fine and ducky, thanks for asking!¬† For this post, we’re going to have a bit of a game.¬† Now, I know you guys are all aware of my intellectual awesomeness, but now I’m going to give you a bit of a test.¬† Ever play those “What doesn’t belong” games when you were a kid?¬† Well here it is in blog form!¬† I’m going to write a funRead more

Leap Year Fun!

It’s fun with frogs time!¬† In honor of our Leap Year I have decided to do a post dedicated to all things bouncy and boingy and fun that jump, bound, and leap….(you get the idea).¬† Of course, most people think of frogs when they think of leaping, so let’s go that route first.     Frogs are amazing leapers.¬† They can jump over 20 times their own body length using super powerful hind legs.¬† If a human could do that,Read more

For shame…!

So my friend Katy is another keeper here who specializes in the Veterinary aspects of our collection.  She does the majority of her work through our vet room and making sure everyone stays healthy (animal wise, at least).  But sometimes when we are a little short handed, she jumps right in and lends a hand to help clean exhibits or anything else that needs to be done.  Unfortunately, in the excitement of cleaning an exhibit and scrubbing poo off ofRead more