Meet the New Farmyard Additions

If you haven’t visited us in the last year, you haven’t yet met the 11 new members of the farmyard! Dusty and Dallas, two miniature Hereford bulls, moved into the cattle yard where Max and Chummix once lived. Fern, Charlotte, Wren, Corky, Ducky, and Beatrice now call Brooklyn and Bronx’s former exhibit home. Bill, Charlie, and Percy arrived to fill the shoes of Rocky, Patches, and Mona in the goat yard with Lightning and Gypsy. All of our new additions are fairly young; ranging inRead more

Goat Coats

Polar Vortex 2014 brought bitter cold air and lots of snow and ice to Durham. Most of our outdoor animals were snug and warm inside their holding areas or tucked into huge piles of hay to wait out the winter weather, but some of the farmyard residents were still just plain cold. We added a big heat lamp in the goat stall and would lock them inside but it still wasn’t enough to keep our two older boys toasty whenRead more

A Morning Stroll

Exercise is important for everyone! The little goats are no exception and both Rocky and Patches enjoy time to wander around the farmyard freely when the museum is still closed in the mornings. Sometimes, though, if we finish cleaning the farmyard early and there are enough volunteers, we get to do a little something extra special like washing Max, brushing the little goats or taking them on walks. What you can’t see in this picture is Lightning, the donkey, justRead more