Keeper Katie’s operant conditioning work

Keeper Katie works with the bears closely and is their primary trainer. You can see how well Katie is doing working with Virginia to open her mouth. (Getting a good look at an animal’s teeth is an important part of veterinary care). We’ll post more videos of the Keepers doing operant conditioning work with the animals if you want- just say the word.Read more


The type of training we do at the museum has a few different names.  Depending on who you ask, they might call it Clicker Training, or Food Training, or Operant Conditioning, or Positive Reinforcement Training (PRT).  All of those are correct labels for our reinforcement-based, contingency-focused style of behavior management for exotic and companion animals.  I’m always happy to answer questions or talk about the training I do at all the institutions with which I work.  And usually, people ask really interestingRead more