Where are the Red Ruffed Lemurs?

If you have been to the museum lately you may have noticed the Red Ruffed Lemurs are not on exhibit. While our new Ring Tailed Lemurs are on exhibit in indoor viewing our Red Ruffed Lemurs are on vacation. By “vacation” I mean that they don’t have to come upstairs and be on exhibit. Instead, the girls are hanging out in the downstairs holding areas. They also have access to some outdoor side cages as well.  They would normally onlyRead more

QuickPic: Ramsey

Ramsey, our newest bearded dragon, has quite the personality. She is very active and we tend to find her in strange positions. This is her in her outdoor sunning cage!Read more

A breath of fresh air

If you have been reading the blog for a while, you may remember back in March of last year when we constructed an outdoor playpen for our indoor animals to exercise in. More recently, you may remember a post about us receiving two new baby opossums. Well, the opossums (named Sonny and Cher) have grown fast and today was their first time getting to use the outdoor playpen! Now that the weather is nice, we like to give our indoorRead more