QuikPost: Animals painting

  Autumn posted last month  a bit about lemurs painting. Read about animals’ painting at the National Zoo by clicking here. We’ll have an art exhibit with “animals’ art” the end of this year. Come by at take a look.Read more

Jackson Pollock

NOTE This blog was scheduled for the 28th of January, but it kept getting moved!!! Pretend its January 28th. What does this animal blog have to do with Jackson Pollock?  For starters, its his birthday today  and for those of you who have never heard of him, he is well known for “drip” style painting. Photo Personally, I am not much of a fan of abstract art. I tend to like the more traditional Baroque style like Rembrandt. Photo ThenRead more

A new look (specifically, paint job)

As part of the construction taking place on the animal support hall, one of the new additions is a brand new quarantine room. Now that the new room is completed and we have everything moved in, the old quarantine room will be used as another computer room and quiet work area for all the keepers to use. This new computer room will come in handy for things like, well, writing blog posts, along with other work we do on theRead more