Summer is Here

Again this week, not sure where the time has gone. Yes, it’s only Tuesday night, but my schedule has me off grounds starting around noon on Wednesday. Seems that putting out fires (figuratively) or being in meetings has limited my access to some good photos (as well as my sanity). Furthermore, the heat lowers my tolerance threshold. I go through several masks and bandanas daily, but do get to spend some quality time in the walk-in freezer. Here a fewRead more

Spotlight: Katie Hubbard

Blog readers first learned of Katie about 20 months ago when she started as an intern. As an intern, she kept all of us giggling with her constant smiles and positive attitude. Whether we found her eating in the closet or retrieving her keys from the ceiling her positive energy always shined through. We hired her in March to join our team and her positive energy- and antics- continue. We still find her hanging out in the closet and providingRead more

Snow Day

The weather could have been worse for sure, and we didn’t lose power, but I am a bit tired from the day. I was up way too early, and got to the Museum around 5 this morning. It was just me as it turns out, and had I been prepared for it to be “Christmas” things would have been better.  Thank goodness it was dark, because I am sure I looked silly in my long black gloves, brown hip waders, headRead more