Limerick –answer

The limerick quiz is here, if you want to read it before seeing the answer below     Answer:   Our knives, of course!! We keep our knives safely tucked away in pockets or our backpacks, but they come in quite handy for routine things like cutting open a bag of chow or cutting bale strings off hay.Read more

Limerick + Quiz = Quizerick?

Sherry’s Christmas 2013 post got me thinking (or rhyming?). It’s been a while since I wrote a poem! On that note, a limerick quiz to get you thinking:   Our tools are eclectic and many but one keepers love more than any. A little different are all; some large and some small. This is one tool we have in plenty.   It’s a bit of a tough guess, but give it a try!    Read more

Twas the night before Christmas

As I said, Sarah would soooooooooooooo be able to write my Christmas post to “Twas the Night before Christmas“. Enjoy:   Twas the morning of Christmas, and left on her porch, a bag of potatoes from Donna next door! The bears won’t be hungry this Christmas day; not that they’ll eat them again until May. The day started rough with glasses amiss, pillows were tossed, the room searched forthwith! Resigning their fate to the bedroom elves, spare glasses were acquiredRead more