Common mistake with snakes

A lot of times I go and check on the animals in Carolina Wildlife. When I walk out I hear a lot of comments adults make to children. Some of the comments are correct and some of them are very false. One that drives me crazy is hearing people over at the snakes warning kids to avoid snakes with triangle heads because they are poisonous. Now, I do agree in avoiding the snakes, but 2 things wrong with the adviceRead more

No such thing as a Poisonous Snake… (Part 1)

Hello out there in TV Land!  Your friendly neighborhood Mikey checking in again with another fun blog about odd animal facts.  This one concerns a subject that is near and dear to my heart, and one which I have been told is a staple of my reptile programs, wherever I have done them.  A few months ago Jill wrote up a similar posting.  Allow me to elaborate on it a little more.  My topic is going to be the VenomousRead more