EnrichBits: A new toy

EnrichBits: A monthly look at Animal Enrichment Our newest bear enrichment toy comes from the people at Boomer Ball. It’s made for polar bears, I think, but we thought we’d see how our Black Bears took to it. Remember as you watch this terribly suspenseful video, that it’s really enriching for the animal when they have to think about things and make choices! And the longer they stay interested, the better the enrichment!Read more

Pool party

Once a year, when the stars align, our animal keeping staff performs a ritual task that keepers have done since the beginning of time– we clean the bear pool! This is a pretty big undertaking (made bigger because we didn’t do it last year due to the drought) and to get it done (plus all of our regular work for the day) it took 5 keepers, 1 director, 1 volunteer, 2 other museum staff (shout out to Grover and Courtney),Read more