Frog Eggs

The alpacas found themselves with quite a number of visitors in their yard one evening last week. I was in the farmyard with Jill and Kent when they called over to me to come see the frog eggs in the alpaca pool. I rescued as many eggs as I could and moved them to a 5 gallon bucket. I say rescued only because we drain and scrub the pool daily and these eggs were soon to be “thrown out withRead more

Alpaca Pool

Recently, we added a pool to our alpacas yard. We had a good feeling that they would use it because we kept finding a lot of dirt in their water buckets and evidence of water being splashed around. It took a while to be able to capture it on film, but we finally did.    Read more


Keepers clean the filter basket for the bear pool out daily. Mostly what comes out of the basket is leaves, bear fur, random slim, algae, and depending on the season bunches of frogs. Look what they found recently:Read more