QuikPost: Ready for the Dark

They’re looking pretty cheery for a dark cold morning in the building. The Keepers from left to right: Kristen, Larry, Katy, Marilyn. At 6 PM last night the power to the building was turned off as expected for the upgrade. Everything went well and the generators were refilled with gas at 9 PM and 2 AM so they were still running this AM when the day started. Our freezers are cold and our reptiles are warm so we’re in prettyRead more

Power Outage: What To Do.

Thanks for the comments and thoughts about what needs to get done when the power goes out at the Museum. From reading your comments on the last post, I think you got the picture of what’s needed. While it’s true in the real world wild animals don’t need power, it’s not the same for the captive critters, or critter care-takers. Many animals do just fine, and many exhibits do just fine too, but there’s still a lot to take careRead more

Preparing for Power Outage

Usually we prepare for the power going out due to weather. Not this time.A big panel (yes, that’s the technical term) needs to be upgraded and we’re going to be without power for a day+ in the animal department.There’s lots to think about.Can you add your ideas to the comment section please. WHAT WOULD YOU BE THINKING ABOUT IF YOU WERE ME? (I’ll share what were doing a few days from now, but I am curious to see what ourRead more