Behind the scenes with our Education Animals

Keeper Mary got some cute video of a couple of our Education Animals. The first video is of Juliet, our opossum, using her prehensile tail to grab newspaper for her bedding. The second is a quick video of Misha, our red-tailed hawk coughing up (casting) a pellet. SO COOL, THANKS MARY!!    Read more

Big Word of the Month: Prehensile

If you’ve been to a Meet the Keeper program at Lemurs, you may have heard someone ask if the Red Ruffed Lemurs have “thumbs” or “fingers” on the ends of their tails. The answer is “no”; the little bit of naked tail that sticks out in varying lengths from the normally furry tails of our lemurs is a by-product of over grooming. The Red Ruffed lemurs will occasionally groom their tail tips by licking, chewing or rubbing at them withRead more