Pup Prep

Tomorrow is April, so that means we’re not only hoping that we’ll have red wolf pups again this year, but we’re starting to prepare for possible arrival. At this point, the preparation includes a lot of communication within the animal department and to staff around the Museum. We make sure that supplies are ready and the Keepers not only ask questions but get prepared for a busy and exciting spring and summer. Of course, we won’t know if we’ll haveRead more

Our Journey to AZA Accreditation!

The acronym AZA has been mentioned on the blog several times. Sherry goes to the AZA conference every year and usually reports back on things she has learned. It also comes up when we talk about our Red Wolves. This post, however, is to share some very exciting news! The museum has applied to be AZA accredited which is a pretty big deal. AZA’s mission is: The Association of Zoos & Aquariums provides its members with the services, high standards,Read more