Our newest additions: Kerby and Styx

Two road closures, one tree down, and a two-car smash-up that closed most lanes on I-85. All while inhaling the delightful smell of animal poop, wafting from the rear of the van. It was worth it. Meet Kerby and Styx, our newest acquisitions to the museum family of animals. Both came to us (after 6+ hours of  road tripping) from the Carolina Raptor Center (CRC) just outside Charlotte. CRC is very successful in returning injured raptors to the wild afterRead more

QuikPost: new animals

I’ll get photos up soon to show you our newest residents.  A juvenile woodchuck is being quarantined on exhibit in Carolina Wildlife. Her/his name is Henry. A juvenile opossum, Jessica, will be used by our educators for programs. She is a girl. There are four songbirds being quarantined behind the scenes that will eventually go to the Aviary in Carolina Wildlife: two robins, a bluebird, and a rose breasted grosbeak. All have healed wing fractures and hop around. When they finallyRead more