QuickPost: Thank you Merck!

We had five staff from Merck out recently to help us out with some extra cleaning behind the scenes. We were able to empty and clean our reptile room, kitchen cabinets, resort food, gather pine cones and other enrichment items, and they even helped us sort mice by size so it would be easier to feed to our animals. We are very appreciative when we have Group Project Volunteers. We literally couldn’t get our jobs done without the help.  Read more

QuikPost: Copperhead

We’ve been so busy here– haven’t found time to even sit at my desk given the weather. Check out what the alpacas have been doing or Ranger Greg’s Blog. So, instead of snow pictures to share, Keeper Mary caught the Copperhead in action last week. (I’ll post about Keeper Mary and the wolves in the snow soon…)  Read more

QuikPost: Stripes

You’re probably thinking about animals with stripes. Not me. I’m thinking sweaters, with stripes. I was at our biweekly operations planning meeting and noticed a theme going on. Kelly, Betsy, Debbie, and Madelyne seemed to have planned their outfits to be matchy-matchy. I’ve posted about this planning meeting before- check it out.  Read more

QuikPost: Helping a Neighbor

We got a call a couple weeks ago from our friends at Sylvan Heights Bird Park.¬† They had a newly hatched Roseate Spoonbill and needed a specific kind of food for its diet to help it grow. We were happy to share our food with them and even happier to know that the bird is doing well. Check out the hatchling on their Facebook page.        Read more

QuikPost: Animals painting

  Autumn posted last month¬† a bit about lemurs painting. Read about animals’ painting at the National Zoo by clicking here. We’ll have an art exhibit with “animals’ art” the end of this year. Come by at take a look.Read more