QuikPic: unprepared

We were VERY unprepared for the torrential rain that dumped on us right before we went in to mow the bear yard this morning. Katy and Aaron attempted to improvise. (The rain literally stopped as we finished our work).Read more

Bathing Birdies

The other day while I was closing the farmyard, it began to pour. I had to construct a makeshift poncho out of a garbage bag, because I didn’t follow the golden rule of the boy scouts and was unprepared. I stood there for what seemed like an  hour waiting for the duck to go into his stall for the night. Duck, being the duck he is felt it was better to be out in the rain and bathe in hisRead more

QuikPic:Rainy Day

I  snapped this photo on a real rainy day while I was waiting the storm out in the barn. The alpaca seemed real relaxed. This position is  cush sometimes spelled kush  in alpaca vocabulary.Read more