QuikPic: office mate

I have a new office mate for a bit while projects are occurring near his home. Literally as I am typing this he started peeping. I turned around and he had cast a pellet. (Check out a video of him doing this, here).Read more

Behind the scenes with our Education Animals

Keeper Mary got some cute video of a couple of our Education Animals. The first video is of Juliet, our opossum, using her prehensile tail to grab newspaper for her bedding. The second is a quick video of Misha, our red-tailed hawk coughing up (casting) a pellet. SO COOL, THANKS MARY!!    Read more

Signs of the Season

Ranger Greg may have noticed the first signs of the impending season change back in August, but here in the Animal Department, we hold off until the middle of October to make our changes from the summer heat to the winter cold. We also have our animals to let us know when it’s time to shut off the fans and turn on the heaters. Scout, the duck, molts all of his old summer feathers to prepare for what would be aRead more

Busy week for Veterinarians

You already know Yona saw a bunch of Vets on Tuesday.   Dr. Carter was here for monthly rounds this past Sunday. And Dr. English was here yesterday. He checked on the eyes of ten Museum animals. ( All 5 barred owls, both screech owls, our red tail hawk, donkey, and spotted salamander. Click above on “Dr. English” to read about him.Read more

Creature Feature: Misha the Red-tailed Hawk

You may have seen a recent post about Birdapalooza, an event held here a few weeks ago. The day-long event included programs that discussed different species of birds, including raptors. Keeper Jill took the opportuntiy to do a program with our red-tailed hawk, Misha. Misha was born in the wild, but in November 1991 he was brought to the Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte, N.C. with an eye injury.The staff there rehabilitated him and taught him to sit on aRead more