Making Lemonade out of Lemons… red wolf pup style

Nope, no pups here, but it’s the time of year when red wolves have pups. For the most part, every red wolf is born in April or May (I believe there have been three litters in the past 30+ years born the very last week in March). Several of our partner institutions in the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan have had pups. North Carolina Zoo, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, and Rowan Wildlife Adventures, just to name a few. EvenRead more

Red Wolf SSP meeting

The Red Wolf SSP Master Plan meeting occurred the end of July in Little Rock, Arkansas. This year I spent almost four days embedded in interesting, intense, and challenging conversations trying to solve a variety of tasks and potential problems. People from Zoos, Nature Centers, Government Agencies, Conservation groups, University’s, and more, gathered to work together to find common paths forward. Over 60 of us were graciously hosted by the Arkansas University System and A-State, home of the Red Wolves.Read more

Red Wolf SSP meeting update

July was the Red Wolf SSP Master Plan meeting. It was hosted by White Oak. White Oak is an amazing facility- check them out and what they do. On my way in, I drove by a crash of rhinos (I love that a group of rhinos is called a crash). Outside my room was a river on one side and a herd of Somali Wild Ass on the other.   The meeting is always held the mid to end of July.Read more

Red Wolf SSP meeting 2017

Next week I am off to this year’s Red Wolf SSP Meeting. Every July I head to the master plan meeting for the red wolf species survival plan (SSP). Folks from around the country come together to talk “red wolves”. We review new research, what’s going on with the red wolves in the wild, any health advancements, and more. This is also when we make the breeding and transfer recommendations for the upcoming year. With the pups born at theRead more

Pupdate #1- the good and the sad.

News to report on the pups and not all of it happy: Four pups are doing great. They seem to be thriving. They’ve gained 43%-53% since initial weights were taken which is right on track. Some have started to vocalize when we pick them up. “Robust and active” were some of the words Dr. Vanderford used. Their feet look pretty good, they are peeing and pooping, and doing everything pups should do at this age.   Unfortunately, not all theRead more

QuikPost: Red Wolf SSP meeting 2015

The Red Wolf SSP meeting this year is being hosted by the Endangered Wolf Center. Last year the SSP meeting was at the Akron Zoo. I’m looking forward to seeing my red wolf friends from other Zoos and Conservation Centers from around the country. There will certainly be a lot to talk about with all that is going on with the Recovery Program. Check out Ron Sutherland’s opinion piece in the N&O. News from the meeting when I return.  Read more