Don’t Let Them Go! (Part 3)

Okay, here we go again!  Now it’s time for some species specifics on a few of the more common released pets that can turn into invasive species.  You’ve probably seen or even had some of these animals sometime as they’re pretty common in the pet trade.  This is Part 3 kiddos, so if you want a recap of our earlier fun click here for Part 1 or Part 2.  Or click here just because it has nothing to do withRead more

Don’t Let Them Go!

Okay guys and dolls, it’s time to wrap your minds around a bit of a concept that can seem like a good idea at the time, but can later have very negative effects.  No, I’m not talking about dating your second cousin, I’m talking about what to do with your unwanted pets.  So many people get something little and cute and it seems great at the time, but then it keeps growing, or gets to be alot of work orRead more