New Songbirds

We’ve got some new birds that will be heading to the Aviary in Carolina Wildlife soon. All the birds were found injured in Tennessee and could not be released to the wild with their injuries. They arrived at the Museum in January and have been behind the scenes in quarantine. None of them can fly, so look low in the Aviary in the next few weeks to see our new residents.    Read more

The Birds

Lately, when you walk out the main museum doors into Loblolly Park, it’s like a scene out of Hitchcock’s The Birds. The holly bushes are full of berries right now and large flocks of birds are hanging out around in the nearby trees, flying in and out of the bushes, and creating quite a symphony of bird song. I’m not the best birder, but have noticed large numbers of robins and cedar waxwings. It’s a better effect in person, soRead more