Kent Steps in to Help

Compared to a “normal” 8AM – 5PM, Monday-Friday job, we have rather weird working schedules here in the animal department. For example, in the 5 days a week I work, I have 4 different sets of hours. Keepers show up between 7 and 8AM (sometimes even earlier on crazy days) and stay between 3PM and 5:30PM depending on their scheduled work week. Some keepers work Sunday – Thursday, some work Tuesday – Saturday, some work Monday – Friday and oneRead more

Divisions Of Labor

Most large zoos have keepers that specialize and care for specific species every day. Basically this means one keeper might oversee the care for the zebras and antelope while another oversees the care for the alligators and snakes. However, we operate as a small zoo and do not have keepers that work with only two or three species. Instead, all of us share the duties of caring for all our animals. There are benefits to both methods, but I personallyRead more