Busy week for Veterinarians

You already know Yona saw a bunch of Vets on Tuesday.   Dr. Carter was here for monthly rounds this past Sunday. And Dr. English was here yesterday. He checked on the eyes of ten Museum animals. ( All 5 barred owls, both screech owls, our red tail hawk, donkey, and spotted salamander. Click above on “Dr. English” to read about him.Read more

Creature Feature: Yellow-eyed eastern screech owl

We are not really sure if this owl is a male or female, but we think it’s a female because of her size. She was known as “yellow-eyed screech” for several years because the other screech owl she lives with has gray eyes. However, we now call her “one-eyed screech” because she had one of her eyes removed last year. In 2005, she started showing signs of glaucoma in both of her eyes. Over time, the pressure in her rightRead more