Naked Sheep

Our sheep were sheared yesterday. Some photos below, as well as a video for those of you that cannot come see them in person. (Click on each photo to enlarge).          Read more

An easy way to lose weight fast!

I know it sounds like an infomercial that you would see on TV late at night when you can’t sleep, but it’s not. Unlike those television gimmicks, this method actually has guaranteed results, and doesn’t require any bulky machines that have to get shipped to your house. The unfortunate part about this sure-fire weight loss plan is… It’s only for sheep. You may have guessed what I’m talking about by looking at our freshly sheared wooly friends in the picture below. Yes, that’sRead more

Creature Feature: Wilco the Florida Gulf Coast Sheep

Wilco is one of five sheep living in our farmyard. She is the easiest sheep to identify because she is the smallest and has a black spot on her nose. Of our five sheep, there are two mothers, two daughters (one to each mother) and a male (whom is not related to, nor the father of, the other sheep). Wilco is one of our mothers. Surprisingly enough, both of the mother sheep are significantly smaller than their daughters! Wilco wasRead more

Big Words of the Month: Alopecia and Depilation

Alopecia and depilation are big words that refer to hair loss. Depliation is the intentional removal of hair using mechanical or chemical means, while alopecia refers to hair loss due to physiological processes. During the spring and summer there is a lot of hair loss going on at the museum . Many wild animals shed out of a winter coat into a sleeker, cooler summer coat. Our red wolves are transitioning from thick coat to a thin coat and canRead more