I’m home sick

I know you don’t really care that I am home sick, but I am lying in bed and I found it amusing that I am coughing up stuff you don’t want to know about, my daughter is lying next to me doing the same, and one of my cats is busy gagging from hairballs.I have to go clean it up now. I’m back: On the list today, once I can stand: call the electrician for some work at the bearRead more

Pig is not well.

Bad news- sorry to share, but I assume you would want to know. The Keepers found Pig Friday morning not putting any weight on his left front foot. This is not good because Pig has extensive arthritis in his back legs. Dr. Cannedy came out Saturday morning and checked Pig out and give him lots of drugs to hopefully help him feel better. He was no better by Monday morning, so I spent much of yesterday at the Vet SchoolRead more

Lightning update: he’s sick

The Keepers noticed that Lightning was lame (limping) Sunday night. He was still limping Monday morning so we called Dr. Cannedy to come take a look. By the afternoon, lightning also had a runny eye. If you come by to visit, you’ll see him looking pitiful as he has a hoof abscess and an ulcer in his eye. He’s on medicine for both issues. Help us wish him a speedy recovery.Read more