Our animals modeling for an art show

A friend and former Museum Educator, Rebecca Dotterer, has an art show at the NC Botanical Gardens until the end of the month. Several of our animals at the Museum modeled for Rebecca’s artwork. Several years ago, our spotted salamander was the model for the Eno Festival T-shirt. Check some of the artwork out below, or head to the NC Botanical Gardens to see the complete show through the end of the month.    Read more

Farmyard Visitors

Early one morning, I got a radio call from Sprout Cafe asking if we could come pick up a bird who had flown into the glass. Ranger Greg got to the cafe before me and handed me a small, white paper lunch bag; bird inside. Look who it was!! This is either a female or an immature (male or female) Ruby-throated Hummingbird. The little bird had a few sips of sugary Gatorade and rested for about 10 minutes, before flyingRead more

Common mistake with snakes

A lot of times I go and check on the animals in Carolina Wildlife. When I walk out I hear a lot of comments adults make to children. Some of the comments are correct and some of them are very false. One that drives me crazy is hearing people over at the snakes warning kids to avoid snakes with triangle heads because they are poisonous. Now, I do agree in avoiding the snakes, but 2 things wrong with the adviceRead more

Ultrasound for a Snake

Last Thursday Katy and I took Todd, our black rat snake in for an ultrasound of his heart. Since Dr. Godshalk, a board certified veterinary radiologist, doesn’t have a lot of snakes for clients, we had to bring a “normal” snake so she could compare the heart of one to the other. We took the snakes to VSH in Cary- this is where, 3 years ago, Dr. Godshalk helped us out with Cassandra’s brush with death. All went well.  Read more