A tough day

Yesterday was a tough day for the keepers. Our very cool Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle passed away. Sponge Bob, as we knew him, was highlighted in one of Marilyn’s Creature Features. He was a favorite of many of the keepers. His body was taken to our diagnostic lab to be necropsied, which is standard protocol for all of our animals. This is to try to learn the cause of death, and to glean any information that might help us careRead more

Creature Feature: Sponge Bob the Softshell Turtle

Sponge Bob was found as a quarter-sized baby in 1993, and was kept as a pet until he was given to the museum by his previous owner in 2004. He lives on exhibit in Carolina Wildlife, but if you visit the museum regularly there is a good chance that you may not have ever seen him before! His exhibit used to be set up differently, and he had a large sandbox that he stayed buried in the majority of theRead more